My REAL Christmas Wishes !

I figured that on Christmas Eve, I should offer up more of a selfless Christmas Wish list.

I wish that all of my family and friends stay healthy and happy this year. I hope that the "stuff" that my 7yo is going through will get worked out. I know that if we work hard with him like the way that I have planned, then he will. It's just never easy to see your child in any type of distress and know that you have absolutely no idea of how to comfort him. I hope that my 2yo is potty-trained in the New Year. As long as we offer up M&M's as a reward for "going" then we will. I am very lucky because through all of this craziness, my beloved and I are still going strong. We are managing to perfect the art of "Tag-Team Parenting" and still are as crazy about each other as ever.

I hope that we get out of Iraq soon. I don't think that will happen. I hope that someone gets that we were lied to about why we were in Iraq...but I don't think that will happen. I hope that Bush comes to his senses and gets rid of Rumsfeld.... but I don't think that will happen either! I hope that I can understand why the conservative agenda was passed in November because I still can't fathom that fact. I hope that the 51% soon comes to their senses and realizes that they have messed things up for all of us. I REALLY HOPE that will happen. I hope that we wake up and realize that OBL is still out there and all those guys are the real ones that we need to be worried about. Not some "trumped up" war!

In the Chicago Sun Times, Father Andrew Greeley (take that Bible-Thumping Bush lovers!) puts it best:
This time of the year we celebrate ''peace on Earth to men of good will.'' Americans must face the fact that they can no longer claim to be men and women of good will, not as long as they support an unnecessary, foolish, ill-conceived, badly executed and, finally, unwinnable war. If most people in other countries blame the war on Americans, we earned that blame in the November election -- not that there is any serious reason to believe that Sen. John Kerry would have had the courage to end the war. Perhaps if he had changed his mind, as he did about the war in Vietnam, and opposed the Iraqi war, he might have won. Too late now. Too late till 2010 -- or 2020.


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