The Christmas Loot

At the request of my beloved, I am going to discuss my "Christmas loot". Overall, I did pretty well. As I've said before, the kids are more important than what I get.

A Coat-Sweater from my mom and stepdad. I have been eyeing up my mom's for quite a while so she decided to put me out of my misery and get one for me. I got it early but that's okay because I have gotten tons of use from it.

An Ice-Cream maker from my boys. I think that this might have been a bit self-serving (get it? That's a joke) because even now my 7yo is aching to use it. I get to pick the first flavor. Chocolate-marshmallow... YUM!

REM's Around the Sun from my beloved. This may have been an obvious present because we have every REM CD that has ever been made. I asked him when we were going to buy this one. After a few listens I have to say that I like it. Not LOVE it like the older stuff. That subject is a whole 'nother topic.

A bracelet. It's very pretty. I seem to remember when we were dating that I received something similar to this. That one turned orange. This one won't. Maybe he is drawn to such types of things.

Running socks. Purely self-serving (but still a cool gift). He didn't want me to wear his precious running socks to the gym. They are very comfy and make my feet feel fine! (Sing to the tune of Bo-bo's)

A nomination charm. I love my nomination bracelet. I wish that he'd get some more. I always have to buy my own!

A snowman napkin holder. Our 2yo made this for us. Home Depot came to his school to do a craft project and this was the result. When I asked him what did they taught him that day he said, "Don't touch!" Sounds great to me!

A globe pen set from Santa's secret shop. The 7yo wanted me to take this to school and put it on my desk.

That's it. It just goes to show that I have a great family!


Blogger Mark said...

You had to bring up the braclet that turned orange. I said I was sorry! You should have kept it, it might have gone nice with your ring that turned green.

12:39 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

And why did you say "Happy New Year" in your last post if you were going to write another before year's end? I don't get you sometimes.

4:02 PM  
Blogger Donna said...

DOH! I belong to Curves ROFLMAO....

10:09 AM  

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