Friday's Feast 11/26/04

Appetizer: How much money do you plan to spend this upcoming holiday season?

I try not to keep track of the final tally. We do have a budget that we are pretty good at sticking to. If we slip, it's usually b/c of the kids or each other.

Soup: What was the last television show you watched, and was it good?

Right now I am watching Elmo Saves Christmas with my 2yo. It's a great show. When Cookie tries to dress up as Santa to get the cookies from Elmo is classic.

Salad: If you had to paint the walls of your living room tomorrow, what color would you choose?

I don't know the exact name in Home Depot but it would be some kind of beige.

Main Course: Name something clever or practical you have thought of that should be invented, but hasn't yet.

I'm not that clever or practical.

Dessert: List 3 things you would like to receive as gifts this holiday season.

a completely paid for date night... an all night date night where we can sleep in the next AM.

some kind of jewelery.

clothes... I guess.


I Am Thankful For....

On Thanksgiving, I feel compelled to reflect on who and what I am thankful for. I am thankful for my beautiful family. They all make me so happy. I know that I am lucky to have such a wonderful husband who truly is my "partner in crime". I feel blessed to have two uniquely wonderful boys that can both drive me crazy and make me happy at the same time.

That being said, I would like to quote some words from one of my favorite songs of the season......

Turkey for me
Turkey for you
Let's eat the turkey
in my big brown shoe
Love to eat the turkey
At the table
I once saw a movie
With Betty Grable
Eat that turkey
All night long
Fifty million Elvis fans
Can't be wrong
Turkey turkey doo and
Turkey turkeydap
I eat that turkey Then I take a nap

***Adam Sandler***

Happy Thanksgiving!!


The Amazing Race 6

I have really never commented on TV shows before. I felt that I should this time.

The Amazing Race is a cool show. It is one of the few that my beloved, my 7yo and I can all watch and enjoy. It's cool to see what other parts of the world look like....

OK. The real reason? We have teams that we like to root for.

Last time, I went between Charla and Mirna and Chip and Kim. I liked Charla because more than anybody she was a "true" underdog. I loved that she used her little person status to get ahead. I found myself cheering her on when she was desperately trying to keep up with those teeny legs. I give her mad props for lasting as long as she did. I also liked Chip and Kim because no one gave them any credit for being competitors and they proved those turkeys wrong. My 7yo was rooting for the perky young blond and pretty twins, Kami and Karli. (His rooting was just on physical appearance only- UGH)

I did like to rip on Colin and Christie. They were just mean to everybody! He was not very respectful to Christie and that was just FINE with her. I also ripped on that hairy Brandon and Nicole. I especially wanted them to lose because they wouldn't shave their heads because of their career. You have the opportunity to win a million, fools! Shave it off! Shave it off! They quoted God and Jesus quite a bit and then plotted and schemed. I don't know that Jesus would approve... Both these couples called each other "BABY" quite a bit.

That theme has traveled into the next installment of the show. The new teams started in Chicago and ended in Iceland. A lot of the teams are still calling each other "BABY". Is this a theme?! Did they have to pass some sort of "Baby Test" in order to get on the show? I bet that there's a drinking game for the show. Take a drink every time someone says "baby".

Anyhoo, Don and Mary Jean are cool grandparents that have managed to stay in it. My beloved and I thought that we'd fall over when those two went Ice Climbing. Good for them. They have a great attitude.

Jonathan and Victoria are the Married Entrepreneurs. Jonathan is one big... well it rhymes with passhole. I know that Victoria has a brain in there somewhere and hopefully will not tolerate being verbally abused. Lori and Bolo are the married pro-wrestlers. They are interesting to watch because the guy shrivels (not that way!) when he argues with Lori.

Go Don and Mary Jean!! I hope that last long but I'm afraid to hope too much!

Friday's Feast - 11/19/04

Appetizer: What do you think is the perfect age to get married? To have a first child? To retire?

You can be in love whenever you want. My 7 year old thinks that he loves girls and I don't doubt that he believes it. Teenage married couples are too young. I think that you have to be adult to make a commitment like marriage. Other than that, anytime is perfect. I think that it is very cute when Senior Citizens get married. Good for them!

I don't know if there is a perfect age to have kids. I know that when we got married we didn't officially "settle down" until we had kids. I think that you have to be in a certain space in life. It is up to each person.....
I do not understand why these late 50/early 60 women are having kids. I am 34 and exhausted almost on a daily basis. I am the fun mom who takes the kids to Sesame Place or to the park or to the pool. It is in my best interest to keep the kids occupied. I also enjoy having fun with my kids. I don't know think that I could be as energetic as I am if I was way older. Plus I don't want to go to my kids' graduation sporting a walker.

Retirement? I would retire NOW if I could!

Soup: If you could change occupations tomorrow, what would you want to do for a living?

I have always wanted to be a teacher, so I really don't know. I do know that I would like to continue helping others.

Salad: What does the color green make you think of?

It makes me feel peaceful. It also reminds me of the environment. (get it? Green?)

Main Course: What is something that has happened to you over the last year that you didn't expect?

Recently, I was offered a full-time job after staying home with my kids for 2 years. I have the option of continuing that or going back to tutoring.

Dessert: How old were you when you had your first kiss?

I was in the 8th grade when it happened. It was kind of awkward and strange. My first TRUE LOVE kiss came years later when I was 16. I kissed this guy who turned out to be my husband.


The Black Cloud Over Our House

I'm home today because our 2yo has the croup. (I think so, at this point) It is probably a good thing too because I was up alot with him so I really make no sense to anyone! Right now, he is cuddled up with a blanket and OJ watching "Calliou". (For those who have no kids, he is an annoying, high-pitched four year old with no hair!) I always feel bad when the kids are sick because nothing that I can do seems to make them feel better. The 2yo cried and cried when he learned that he wouldn't be going to school. So here I am... at the mercy of a sick and cranky two year old. That's okay because I am so tired that he would probably be the only one to understand me.
I saw on the news that Margaret Hassan was murdered in Iraq. That makes "perfect" sense. She lived in Iraq for 20 years and was a legal citizen. This makes no sense because she seemed like one of the few who really worked to make a difference. She was not affliated with any part of the Occupation. Her only interest was to help her fellow citizens. This puts new meaning to the phrase "No good deed never goes unpunished." Apparently, things are going according to schedule in the Bush Administration.
I'll sign off now because I am getting "paged."


My Christmas Wish List

I have compiled this letter at the request of Mark. (Those of you who read this know who I am talking about, anyway) It's kind of strange to do this because I really have no idea of what I want for Christmas. I think that every parents goal(at least the good ones) is to make their kids' Christmases memorable. So maybe you can get some ideas from my grand and extravagant list.

1. For a recount to the election. (WHAT?)
2. To be able to sleep, read and other stuff without our offspring interrupting.
3. For our kids (both of them) to sleep past 6am for at least a month.
4. For the 2yo to be potty-trained already.
5. To go to the Chocolate Festival and actually have it be entertaining.
6. To go on overnight trips and not have the "big kid" freak out about it.
7. chocolate
8. jewelery
9. an IPOD (so I can work out to something other than classic rock)
10. a trip to the Bahamas.

Now Mark, (others may participate as well) this is the BIG test... Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to figure out which parts of the list are fantasy and which are reality.

Good Luck!


This is the LAST word...for now...

I found this while looking at someone else's website. Very cool and I THINK that it'll be the last that I comment on this "God-Forsaken" election. Truth be told, I just wanted to see if this works. I found this on www.nummybearcentral.blogspot.com.
Very cool site. Check it out.

My fellow Americans, the people of this nation have spoken, and spoken with a clear voice. So I am here to offer my concession.

I concede that I overestimated the intelligence of the American people. Though the people disagree with the President on almost every issue, you saw fit to vote for him. I never saw that coming. That's really special. And I mean "special" in the sense that we use it to describe those kids who ride the short school bus and find ways to injure themselves while eating pudding with rubber spoons. That kind of special.

I concede that I misjudged the power of hate. That's pretty powerful stuff, and I didn't see it. So let me take a moment to congratulate the President's strategists: Putting the gay marriage amendments on the ballot in various swing states like Ohio... well, that was just genius. Genius. It got people, a certain kind of people, to the polls. The unprecedented number of folks who showed up and cited "moral values" as their biggest issue, those people changed history. The folks who consider same sex marriage a more important issue than war, or terrorism, or the economy... Who'd have thought the election would belong to them? Well, Karl Rove did. Gotta give it up to him for that. [Boos.] Now, now. Credit where it's due.

I concede that I put too much faith in America's youth. With 8 out of 10 of you opposing the President, with your friends and classmates dying daily in a war you disapprove of, with your future being mortgaged to pay for rich old peoples' tax breaks, you somehow managed to sit on your asses and watch the Cartoon Network while aging homophobic hillbillies carried the day. You voted with the exact same anemic percentage that you did in 2000. You suck. Seriously, y'do.

There are some who would say that I sound bitter, that now is the time for healing, to bring the nation together. Let me tell you a little story. Last night, I watched the returns come in with family and friends. As the night progressed, people began to talk half-seriously about secession, a red state / blue state split. The reasoning was this: We in blue states produce the vast majority of the wealth in this country and pay the most taxes, and you in the red states receive the majority of the money from those taxes while complaining about 'em. We in the blue states are the only ones who've been attacked by foreign terrorists, yet you in the red states are gung ho to fight a war in our name. We in the blue states produce the entertainment that you consume so greedily each day, while you in the red states show open disdain for us and our values. Blue state civilians are the actual victims and targets of the war on terror, while red state civilians are the ones standing behind us and yelling "Oh, yeah!? Bring it on!"

More than 40% of you Bush voters still believe that Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11. I'm impressed by that, truly I am. Your sons and daughters who might die in this war know it's not true, the people in the urban centers where Al Qaeda wants to attack know it's not true, but those of you who are at practically no risk believe this easy lie because you can. As part of my concession speech, let me say that I really envy that luxury. I concede that.

Healing? We, the people at risk from terrorists, the people who subsidize you, the people who speak in glowing and respectful terms about the heartland of America while that heartland insults and excoriates us... we wanted some healing. We spoke loud and clear. And you refused to give it to us, largely because of your high moral values. You knew better: America doesn't need its allies, doesn't need to share the burden, doesn't need to unite the world, doesn't need to provide for its future. Hell no. Not when it's got a human shield of pointy-headed, atheistic, unconfrontational breadwinners who are willing to pay the bills and play nice in the vain hope of winning a vote that we can never have. Because we're "morally inferior," I suppose, we are supposed to respect your values while you insult ours. And the big joke here is that for 20 years, we've done just that.

It's not a "ha-ha" funny joke, I realize, but it's a joke all the same.

And I make this pledge to you today: Next time, there will be no pandering. We will run with all the open and joking contempt for our opponents that the President demonstrated towards the cradle of liberty, the Ivy League intellectuals, the "media elite," and the "white-wine sippers." We will not pretend that the simple folk of America know just as much as the people who devote their lives to serving and studying the nation and the world. They don't.

So that's why we're asking for your vote in 2008, America. I'm talking to you, you ignorant, slack-jawed yokels, you bible-thumping, inbred drones, you redneck, racist, chest-thumping, perennially duped grade-school grads. We know better, and I truly believe that we can help your smug, sorry asses. And may God, if he does in fact exist, bless each and every one of you.

By comedian Mark Fedler

But that is it.... for now...

Theatre Thursday 11/11/04

Today is Veterans Day. With that in mind, this weeks questions are all about movies involving the subject of war.

1) Which war movie is your favorite? (Nothing about war could be considered a 'favorite', but ya get my meaning.)

I "liked" Schindler's List, Life is Beautiful and Forest Gump. ( I actually liked this one...not so much for the war scenes)

2) What movie about war do you consider to be 'unwatchable', poorly done, or of poor taste?

Any movie with the Governator or Sylvester Stallone.

3) Which actor/actress gave the best performance as a soldier? What movie?

Tom Hanks in "Forest Gump".

BONUS) If there was a movie to be made about the current war in Iraq, who would you most like to see as the leading man/woman?

I don't think that a movie about the war in Iraq would be great thing to see at this point so I have no clue.


Post Election "Sunshine"

I think that I'm going to have to stop being a "news junkie". I have been "obsessed" with the election for months. I have become an avid fan of the Countdown with Keith Olberman. I read the Opinion page at breakfast every morning. I'm going to have to stop all of this so I can settle down. My beloved begs me not to get myself so worked up. I still can't get over how stupid we are. I have read headlines in other countries and if anyone is reading this from outside the US, I have just one thing to say. Not everyone voted for that blockhead (apologies to Charles Schulz), I mean Bush. I just hope that we all are not expected to hate gays and other minority groups. There.... I'm done....for now....(cleansing breath)

Anyhoo, I took my 7yo and his friend to see the Incredibles. Great movie! Disney screwed up bad when they split with Pixar. The animation is ...well, incredible! Pixar has 2 more movies due out and they look just as good.

We worked on his CCD book. The RC Church has an interesting concept when it comes to the sacrament of Reconciliation: The parents work on a whole separate book with the kids. So, on top of work, homework, and all the other stuff that is in the typical families life, this is at the top of the list. The CCD teachers are doing.....what?! That seems to be the mystery! (the fact that the name of his book is "Making Things Right" is also an interesting title coming from the church. Practice what you preach maybe?! That's a whole nother entry)

The "going back to work after a long rest" (as much as one can with kids) is going okay too. I'm very lucky that I have the option to leave in 2 months. I forgot that teaching is basically a thankless job. Being a Special Ed. teacher is a whole lower level of obnoxiousness. The kids aren't bad. The fact that the No Child Left Behind deal holds schools to such accountability stinks. Teachers are required to do so much more than teach. Where is the accountability for the parents?!


What-EVER !!

I'm so angry now that I can hardly speak.

I did not want more of this but since those who don't read a newspaper and believe everything that Bush has told them has THRUST this upon liberals like myself, I guess that I'll have to learn to live with it.

The mere fact that this was a close race blows my mind! It really shouldn't have been. I do think that Howard Dean really could have had this race fired up! If you were to actually look around and see the stuff that is going on, you would run the opposite direction. HOW many times must it be said that Iraq and 9/11 have nothing to do with each other?! HOW many explanations of the cause of this war do we have to have before people actually start to catch on that Bush has lied to us?! The war has been proven to be a miserable mistake and Bush will not take responsibility for this. Not only that, he has the nerve to chide or question those who question him. This is still America, right?! Just checking....

I doubt that the families of 9/11 who put together the 9/11 commission (the one that Bush tried to block) are thrilled that he got in. I doubt that all the people that were hurt, kidnapped and killed because of our actions are thrilled that Bush got in. The reason that was given that Bush won is because of his religious "morals and values". I have to believe that God would have a problem with the crap that this guy has pulled. God never said anything about giving tax cuts to the wealthy, screwing up the environment, sending innocent soldiers to a war started for "murky" reasons, deciding who makes a marriage, and being arrogant and self-serving.

I shudder to think of what will happen in a GOP controlled government. I think that we will be much more divided than ever. Someone seriously asked on a news show how long it would be before Roe v. Wade was overturned. I wonder how many voted for Bush just because he was "pro-life". (whatever that means to him) That along with other issues is too frightening to think about.

Congrats to the big corporations, "overly-religious", straight, rich, white, citizens of this great land. I just hope that the next four years go by quickly.


My nerves are shot!

Well, at 6:30am, we took a "lovely" family drive to our local voting booth. There were a suprising amount of people there. My 7yo is VERY into this election. (See: My guys really do have an opinion) He wouldn't go trick-or-treating at the houses with the Bush-Cheney signs on the lawn. (***Sniff***) I'm so proud. He "voted" with my husband and pulled the levers according to what I pulled in mine. I see nothing wrong with this because on this Election Eve, my spouse and I think as one. (at least in politics)

I have been drumming into my students' heads that it's important to vote and this is without a doubt the most important election that I can ever remember. The guys were very well versed in the issues and we had quite a spirited conversation. One of my co-workers said that they were voting for Bush because of his Christian values. (***sigh***)Whatever... I hope that this goes for Kerry.

I can't wait. My nerves are shot. I think that if Bush wins... man I can't even go there right now.

Is Bruce a good luck charm?! We at "I have a headache" hope so!