Aw Man...

I am really not looking foward to the GOP convention. When it was in Philly, you couldn't walk two feet without running into a WASPy looking guy. I do have a question to pose: Why is having protestors a bad thing for Kerry? Someone on a tak show actually said that " If the protestors can't behave, that might spell trouble for Kerry." Can no one actually have an opposing point of view?

Those guys were here in Philly and I was actually glad to see that they might have made the GOP feel a little uncomfortable. Now, the world is totally different. Why can't people diagree with this President that has made such a mess of things? Why is that un-patriotic? To have this guy have a convention that runs smoothly does not seem appropriate.

We impeached Clinton just because he had an affair. The guy wasn't a great guy but I feel that he did a way better job and was better for the country. Bush started a whole war on lies. I'm sure the families of the soldiers killed/wounded in Iraq feel so much better knowing that their kids died for nothing.


God Laughed at Me

We just got back from Ocean City, NJ. This place is somewhat equal to Disney World but on a smaller scale and much more "bang for your buck." We had all day passes to the water park. Tragedy struck! I got the worst stomach bug. I couldn't enjoy myself at all. My kids and husband took great care of me. I must have been pitiful because my 2 y.o. said "You go to bed, Mommy. Night, Night."

The trip turned out very well for the men in my life. As it turns out, my little guy is flagged from pool trips for the duration of the summer b/c he had surgery on his bellybutton. He's fine (I'm recovering) and raring to go.

Second grade for my 7 y.o. starts in 2 weeks. "Camp Endure Summer" is finally winding down.



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We just got back from Virginia. I won't say where but the people who think that NJ is congested haven't gone here! Not much to do. The coolest thing was the Rainforest Cafe. My little one was so freaked out by the "real-life" alligator. My 7 y.o. loved the hot tub at the hotel. I'm just glad to be home. Next time we come with my beloved on a buisness trip, it will have to be to Florida.


My " Mooched" Vacation

I am on my way to sunny Virginia tomorrow. The boys and I are tagging along for a few days of sun and fun by the pool. Too bad that my beloved is going to be bored in training. I'm actually looking forward to going. I didn't think that I would be. The last time I mooched a vacation to this God-forsaken place, I was BORED STIFF in a hotel room for a whole day.

I'm looking forward to September a bit. I like having fun with the kids but I'd be very happy to "dig in" with someone's "difficult child.

I have been a real "political junkie" of late. Here in the great state of NJ, there are all sorts of political scandals. I voted for Mc Greevey but wasn't crazy with his "performance". I don't care if he's gay, straight or purple. I do feel bad for his family! At the press conference, they zoomed RIGHTIN on Jim's dad. He was crying. Leave the poor man alone! Where does this leave the very supportive wife? This is a rhetorical question..... I don't need to know but I suspect that we will all find out the skinny.

I don't want a Republican gov. I sure as heck don't want one of their presidents either! I can't wait until the annoying GOP convention is OVER!

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Why this title?!

Some might wonder, why the crazy title? Quite simply, I have TWO boys, THREE if you count my husband. I am a special ed teacher too. 'Nuff said? I love them dearly but being the lone female in a house full of testosterone can be tough. My seven year old got a toy that the single object was to squeeze the "guts" out of it. It was that nasty gack stuff. I was desperately trying not to "gack" all over the floor! I take the kids to the pool and try to prevent my 2 year old from taking a flying leap off the side of the 2-foot deep pool. Now, maybe girls are better, maybe not. You can weigh in on this later. So inevitably, at the end of the day, I have a strong, mega-sized headache.

People, I donate my white blood cells, not only to save lives but because it guarantees me 2 hours of peace and quiet! Hello?!

Get it?!